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  1. Perfect rotation BG´s AND Arena 8) PVP Enhancement Shaman PVP Elemental Shaman PVP Restoration Shaman Auto Snare CC CC Avoidance Interrupts Fake Cast Blanket Silences Executes Nearly Low Enemies Totemstomp Dot Spreading Selfheal Teammate Support Flag Capturing & Return Aura Mastery before Silences Instructions: 1 Please provide an email address when purchasing the profile, this will be used to send out future profile updates 2 Please send me a private message or email with the information above as well as your PayPal email address I will aim to fulfill all orders within 15-20 minutes (timezone permitting). Before buying add for any questions skype honorbuddy_pqr_routines_vip@hotmail.com 5€ Buy Now